Executive Office Leather Chair

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Experience durability and stability with our executive office leather chair. The large five-star legs, proven through SGS testing, ensure a stable foundation. Key components are sourced from top manufacturers, ensuring reliability. The chair boasts an impressive maximum load-bearing capacity of 150kg.

Crafted with a curved shape, this leather chair is designed for executive comfort. It offers a 360-degree rotation feature and the added functionality of rocking back and forth, providing versatility in your seating experience.

Customize your comfort with the adjustable features of this ergonomic recliner. The chair allows you to tailor it to your specific needs, offering flexibility in height and reclining angles. The incorporated locking system ensures that you can securely maintain the desired angle, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience for extended periods of use. Upgrade your office with this durable, stable, and ergonomically designed executive leather chair.


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