We have our own warehouses in the US and UK and are currently unable to ship to other countries for destination sales

product information

Furnipalace furniture is available online in the US and UK. We provide FedEx cross-border logistics, providing transportation services to multiple regions in the United States. All orders will be processed through our website. Our furniture is award-winning and our service team is still available to handle any of your service needs.

About Furnipalace

Furnipalace is a company specializing in website furniture sales. It has its own warehouses in the United States and the United Kingdom. You can pick up the goods yourself or have them delivered to your door through logistics. Very popular with the people.

About FedEx Cross Border

FedEx Crossborder (formerly Bongo International) is a leading international shipping provider providing payment processing solutions to the global e-commerce market. FedEx Cross-Border Services enables merchants like us to securely accept international orders and provide a seamless shopping experience to customers around the world.

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